Ruru Tatyana Hogan

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Hey! I’m Ruru Hogan. I live in Toronto but I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I am an avid planner and hard worker. I believe that as long as I give 101% effort I will end up where I want to be. I have participated in many programs such as the MaRS Entrepunership Pitch Program, Enriched Studies Unit at Queens University and The UofT Math and Engineering program for high school students. I have volunteered for an elementary school and worked as a presentation and promotion Mentor to a group of grade 5 and 6s who were a part of a robotics team. I have also worked as a camp counsellor for kids from the ages of 6 - 12. I consider myself a strong team leader and these experiences allowed me to work with all sorts of people and helped me understand how to compromise and lead properly. My goals are to become a committed blogger, go to university and study marketing and management so that one day I will be able to work in an industry that truly inspires me. I’d also like to travel, learn many languages and familiarize myself with international cultures. I believe that the next step toward social acceptance of all races, cultures, belief systems and people is awareness and allowance of self - expression. If we can all work to accept each other as we are we can all rise and succeed